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Claiming 2017 Volunteer Hours

Each year as we enter may we begin the processes associated with volunteer hour review and reconciliation.

There are x phases of this process:

Phase One - Team Staff Review / Assignment (Complete 6/3/2017)

We begin with a final review by all managers of their assigned team staff, and an confirmation that team staff has performed their duties.

As confirmation comes in, the volunteer team makes team staff adjustments and assigns team staff hours in Dibs.

This phase is typically completed by the date of Closing Ceremonies.

Team Staff must meet the following criteria for hours to be posted:

  1. Assignment of position reported by Manager to league
  2. Staff must be a member of the BLL website
  3. Volunteer Application filled in, printed, signed and turned in

Phase Two - Final Canteen and Event Hours

As Canteen and Event attendance is gathered manually, there is a two week lag for the assignment of hours to your Dibs account.

Typically these types of hours will lag behind Closing Ceremonies by two weeks.

The league will notify everyone once all hours have been posted, and the final phase begins.

Phase Three - Reconciliation (Began 6/3 - Ended 7/15/2017)

This was the final phase where you - the user collecting Dibs hours - reviewed your account to ensure you have the hours you believe should have been earned.

If you were Team Staff - you would have contacted your manager with questions about why you may not have been assigned hours.

If you were asking about Canteen or Event hours - you would have contacted the Volunteer Coordinator so that they may search for your check in at an event or at one of the league canteens.

Important - Reconciliation is Your Responsibility

All of the processes to get hours into Dibs are manual, and the league staff who enter them do so from emails and manual sign in sheets.

Because of this manual nature there will be mistakes.

It will be the users responsibility to review Dibs hours and contact the right person to begin the reconciliation process.

Once the deadline has passed - there will be no opportunity to have hours added that have been missed.

How Do I Check Dibs?

Checking Dibs is straightforward:

Login to your account, then click on your user name to present the user menu, and select Dibs.

You'll then be able to see where are you are for the current volunteer session. The session that applies will be labeled with a two year format. For example:

2016 / 2017 Volunteers = Hours for the 2016-2017 volunteer session which began December 2016 and ends in October 2017.

If you're progress is at 100%, you will be set! If not, you'll need to work with the league for reconciliation.

2017 Volunteer Reconciliation Ended

On 7/15/2017 the volunteer reconciliation period ended. Those that missed their season commitment of 10 hours will receive a notification of payment for the Missed Volunteer Assessment Fee of $150.

Waiver Codes for 2018 Spring Registration

When registration for the 2018 Spring Season begins, we will create waiver codes, and send out notifications so that users may claim there code on the website.

Codes will not be sent via email - all codes will be placed in a claiming registration that users may access via their SportsEngine account tools.

Claiming Period For Volunteer Hours

Expired 7/15/2017

Please Contact Us


On 6/10/2017 we began to send weekly emails (more often as we near the deadline) out to all of our Benicia Little League volunteers to let them know they must review their hours in Dibs to ensure they will receive a volunteer waiver code for the 2018 Spring Registration.

Once the reconciliation date has pass there will be no opportunity to reconcile any hours that are not reflected in Dibs.

Key Contacts

For Canteen or League Event Hours - please contact our Volunteer Director.

For Team Staff Hours - contact your Manager as he/she has the responsibility for reporting team staff names and confirming the completion of their duties to the league. Team Staff hours were complete as of 6/3/2017 therefore if you do not have hours, your manager did not report you and your position to the league.

For other questions: Please contact our webmaster who will route you to the proper person.

Volunteer Director

BLL Webmaster