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Information for Spring Season Registration

Spring 2018 Registration is Open

Registration for our Spring 2018 Season is Open. But time is running out as teams will be forming soon.

Problems? We're Here to Help

If you are new to the registration process and run into problems - contact our Registrar and you'll get the help you need.

Looking for Challenger Registration?

Please see the details for our Challenger Registration

BLL Registrar

League Age
Division Season
5-6 Tee Ball $185
7-8 Farm $190
9-11 Minor A/B $235
10-12 Majors Closed*
12-13 Intermediate 50/70 $245
13-14 Juniors Suspended*
15-16 Seniors $260


Final Days for Registration: Tryouts, Drafts, and Team Formation are happening soon. Players who register after teams are formed for their division will be placed on a Wait List.

*Notes: Majors teams have been formed, Juniors registration is suspended until the completion of BHS Freshman Tryouts. Please contact the registrar if you wish to be placed on a wait list.

League Age Calculator

Default League Year Changes on 10/1 each year in anticipation of Spring Registration. Please be sure the proper league year is selected.

Enter Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY)

League Year:

Registration Quick Facts - Please Review!

League Age

Little League International uses a date based method to determine the League Age of players, and Benicia Little League uses this League Age to determine which division the player is eligible for.

For more information on the current League Age determination charts - see our League Age Determination page.

Must be a Benicia Resident or Have Waiver

Little League rules dictate that all players must be residents of Benicia to play in Benicia Little League, and parent(s) or guardian(s) must provide Proof of Residency documents to the league.

For detail of what is required - please check the Registration Docs section of our registration are. To view the documents click here.

There are a few exceptions covered by waivers.

You may check the League Boundaries below, or contact our registrar regarding what you'll need to obtain a waiver to play in BLL.

Multiple Children / Sibling Discounts!

If you are registering multiple children you MUST REGISTER ALL CHILDREN in the same session. There is an option to register another player after registering the 1st - please click that option to ensure you get all discounts available.


Little League is founded on the concept of a volunteer organization. As a result each family is asked to either:

  • Volunteer 10hrs or more
  • Buyout volunteer time

Most or our families participate in the league wide volunteer program and have earned their Volunteer Fee Waiver for the Spring Season.

If you've earned your hours you should have your waiver code ready when you register, and enter that code in the Discounts field when you check out.  This will waive the $100 fee.

For more on Waivers, Codes, and the process - check here.

Missed Volunteer Assessments

If your family was invoiced with a Missed Volunteer Assessment fee, you will have pay that fee before your player or players are eligible for team assignment.

Friend and Coach Requests

If your player(s) are registered for either the Tee-Ball or Farm divisions, you may submit friend and coach requests. For more information see the detail below or click here.

Ready To Register - Sports Engine Account?

To register you'll need a SportsEngine account. If you don't have an account setup - you'll be asked to create one.

Wolfpack Families - You'll may already have an account but.. you'll want to become a member of BLL's site. Click on Become A Member after you've logged in.

Medical Release Information

If you've checked league age, you'll need to have gathered Medical Release information (doctor, hospital, etc.) to enter into the registration form. Then you're ready to register.

Don't forget to REGISTER ALL PLAYERS in the same registration to take advantage of sibling and early registration discounts.

Registration Link

Use the link below to register for the Spring 2018 Season.

Volunteer or Coaching?

If you are volunteering or coaching, now is a good time to fill out those forms as well. Below are links to the Volunteer and Coaching application forms.

Friend and Coaching Requests - Ends 1/19/2017

Players who are registered for the Tee-Ball or Farm Division may make a request to the placed with a specific coach or coaches, and up to three of their friends.

While not always possible, the league will use this request information when forming teams so that players from the same school or friends may enjoy the season together.

Each one is a separate request.

Click on either link below to submit your request.

Benicia Little League Boundaries

To participate in Benicia Little League you, or your player must reside in within the BLL boundaries established by District 53.

The boundaries are as follows:

District 53 California - Benicia Little League - Boundary Description

South, West and East boundaries are the waters of Suisun Bay, Grizzly Island Wildlife Area  and the Carquinez Strait.
The West boundary is the city limit of Vallejo and Benicia, West to East follow the city limits up to Lake Hermine Road, slight jog North and then South on Lake Hermine Road to Interstate 680, Interstate 680 Northeast following the city limits and South to Suisun Bay.

Your residency within the league boundaries must be established though the Age and Residency Validation sessions that are conducted in December of each year.

There are also Little League waivers that may allow your child to play even though you or your child lives outside of league boundaries.

Use the link below to display our league boundary map:

Benicia Little League Boundaries

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