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How to Download Volunteer and Other Forms

If you are filling out on-line forms on the BLL website, you will need to download them from the website so that you may fill them out print, sign, and turn those forms in.

Three examples of these forms are:

  • Medical Release / Code of Conduct
  • Volunteer Application
  • Coaching Application

All of our forms are attached to a Registration  and the process for downloading will be the same.

Must Be On A Computer or Tablet

You must use a computer or a tablet to download your forms.

If you are using a tablet - you will need to place the tablet in landscape orientation where the screen is wider than it is tall.

Step By Step

You may click on the link below to see the detailed how-to from SportsEngine, or you may follow the steps below.

Form Download Steps:

  1. Login - you must be logged in
  2. Click on you user name at the top of the page to show your user menu.
  3. Select Registrations from the menu
  4. Select the registration that was used to generate your form (e.g. 2017 Volunteer Application)
  5. In the upper right hand corner of the registration, you'll see a button with the name of the form [ends in (pdf)] - click that button and you'll be prompted to download your pdf form.
  6. Save the form on your tablet or computer where you can find it, and perform any final edits required before you print it.

This process is the same all of our on-line forms.

You may like to view the SportsEngine help for this process as well.

Click here for the SE help