Volunteer Requirement

Little League is based on the concept of an organization of volunteers. Without volunteers a League cannot function and continue to support players and their families.

As a result - Benicia Little League has a volunteer policy that requires a volunteer commitment of all parents who have players in the league.

During registration, a volunteer fee will be collected from each new family, or those that were unable to meet their seasons Volunteer Commitment. This volunteer fee is in addition to the fees listed for registration.

The volunteer commitment for 2017 was - 10 hours per family.

Discounts for Early Registration

Each year we discounts for each child that is registered before our discount deadlines.

These are often a significant savings over the cost of full season registration, and many of our families budget their savings over the year to ensure they can take advantage of the discounts.

Time frames for discounts change each year so it's important to keep your email address up-to-date so that you'll receive notifications when registration is open.

All Registration is On-Line

Beginning with the 2010 Spring Season - all registrations have been conducted on-line via our website. There are no manual methods to register.

If you do not have your own computer, you may use one of those available at the Benicia Public Library.

Residency and Age Validation Sessions are conducted each year to ensure proper residency and age for each player. On-Line Registration must be completed before age and residency validation.

Who Must Complete the Age and Residency Valiation Process

All families with players of league age 5 - 15 must complete their registration process by attending one of our Age & Validation Session Walk-Through events. All A&R Validation events will be listed on this page.

Player's who do not complete the Walk-Through will not be eligible for district tournament (All-Star) teams.

Missed The Walk-Through Events?

If you miss the scheduled validation events, you may still complete the age and residency validation process during one of our player evaluation Saturday's in early January. See the website for more details on scheduled walk-in events, and evaluation sessions.

For details of what information is required for registration please see the Registration FAQ