Now on SportsEngine

Please note - with our movement to SportsEngine for the 2017 Spring Season you will likely have to setup new accounts.

If you've played in our Fall Season, you are all set. If not. You'll need to re-create your account and as part of the registration process.

1. Already on SportsEngine? - If you know your login email and password, and are logged in

Once you are logged in, go directly to the registration page. this will list all of your current players and the season they are eligible for.

2. If you are new to BLL or have not used our current registration system.

Simply use this link to create yourself as a user, and then proceed to the Player Information tab under Parents to register a new player.

Create New User

3. If your don't remember your e-mail and/or password used to register

First, try to have the system send you the password by clicking on the following link:

Retrieve Your Password

Second, if you just can't remember what e-mail address you used, send us an e-mail including yours and the player's full name to We will check it out and let you know what to do.

Additional information is available under the Help menu.

Registration Process Details

To register, please read the following instructions.

Click on the link below to go to the 1st part of the registration process called on-line registration. Follow the directions carefully. For those of you who registered last year, you will find most of your information already completed. Others will need to fill in the blanks.


If you do not have access to an internet-enabled computer, it is recommended that you use a computer at a site such as the Benicia Public Library. Failure to complete the on-line process before attending an Age and Residency Validation session will prevent your player from being eligible for the draft or being assigned to a team.

There will be NO computers available at the Age and Residency Validation sessions for public use.

If you arrive at an Age and Residency Validation session without having completed the on-line phase, we will NOT be able to perform the required Age and Residency validation.

After the on-line process is completed ,  come to any one of our Age and Residency Validation sessions which will be held at a location to be determined in Benicia. The dates and times of the "age and residency sessions" are below.

To make the Age and Residency Validation process as efficient as possible, registrants should come prepared with the following:

  • Receipt from Registration
  • Birth certificate of player

A document containing the registrant's home address such as a utility bill, phone bill, or bank statement

If a family member plans to manage, coach, or volunteer in some other capacity, please complete the VOLUNTEER AND MANAGER-COACH forms on the web site AND bring a copy of photo ID to the Age and Residency Validation session. These forms and ID will be used for the background check mandated by Little League International for all volunteers who will have regular contact with players.

If you have any questions concerning registration, please contact our registrar.