Pitching Eligibility Form

Use the Pitching Eligibility Form to record pitch counts for every game. With signatures gathered - this is your proof of pitch counts and days rest for your pitchers.

Use of the Big Time Coach Pitch Count app is authorized as a replacement for the Pitch Count Log.

2018 Bat Rules - Major Changes!

In essence - all bats used in Farm, Minors, Majors, Intermediate, and Juniors last year (2017) are now obsolete.

We have detail on the bat rules on the Documents area of the website, but we also encourage all managers and coaches to read the official rules from the Little League website.

Click on the link below to read details specific to each set of divisions.

Little League Bat Rules

Review Little League Bat Rules prior to first game to ensure illegal bats are not used in a game. Use of an illegal bat in a game will result in the immediate ejection of one Coach after the first incident.

Game Planning

Game Planning Sheets (excel) use to great game plans. There are three types:

  • 6-Inning Game Plan (Majors / Minors)
  • 7-Inning Game Plan (Juniors / Seniors / Big League)
  • Random Order and Position Planner (T-Ball / Farms)

Note: all game planning functions are also available in the Big Time Coaching apps. See our apps section for more information.

Big Time Coach Situation Game

Game situations with cut-offs used at our High School.