Benicia Little League Manager and Coach Code of Conduct

All Managers, Coaches, Regular Members, Players, Team Parents and Spectator’s of Benicia Little League (BLL), shall adopt the following code of conduct at all games and practices. The Code of Conduct will be enforced by all board members and approved managers and coaches.

All Managers, Coaches, Players, Team Parents and Spectators are expected to:

  • Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, managers, coaches, umpires, and league officials at every practice, game, or league event.
  • Treat each player as an individual, taking into consideration the wide range of emotional and physical development that may exist for players on the same team.
  • Treat players, managers/coaches, umpires, league officials, parents, and spectators with respect.
  • Refrain from the use of profanity at any time during a game or practice or within the presence of any player on any team.
  • Refrain from using alcohol, intoxicants, and tobacco (including smokeless tobacco) on the field before or during any practice or game.
  • Not verbally abuse, threaten, or lay a hand upon or strike any player, coach, manager, spectator, umpire, league official, parent, or other individual under any circumstances.
  • Be respectful of league equipment and facilities.

Board Members, Managers, Coaches & Team Parents Shall:

  • Provide a safe playing environment for players.
  • Use coaching techniques that are appropriate for the skills being taught as outlined in the skills pyramid.
  • Be knowledgeable of the rules of baseball within the divisions that they coach and shall teach these rules to the players.
  • Follow the rules, regulations and policies of Benicia Little League.
  • Be responsible for the proper handling of team funds.
  • Adhere to this Code of Conduct and recognize that they are role models and examples to all players and parents and must conduct themselves accordingly and not behave in a manner detrimental to Benicia Little League.
  • Not be guilty of objectionable demonstrations of dissent at an official’s decision such by throwing gloves, hats, balls, bats or any other forceful action.
  • Not discuss any play or decision made by an official with spectators during a game.
  • Not abuse equipment or facilities in an obvious display of anger.
  • Not gamble upon any play or outcome of a game.

Violation of this Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action against the violator, which may include any of the following Code of Conduct Violation – Disciplinary Action:

  • Ejection: The violator may be ejected from a game by either an umpire that is officiating the game or by a Benicia Little League Board Member. A violator may be ejected from any Benicia Little League sanctioned practice, activity, or event by any Official or Benicia Little League Board Member. A person that is ejected from the game, practice, activity or event must leave immediately without further incident, or be subject to further disciplinary action by the Board or removal by the police. Any person ejected will be automatically suspended from participating in or attending their team’s next scheduled game (including the field, concession area, or surrounding area). The BLL Board will determine whether further disciplinary action is warranted.
  • Probation: The violator will be advised in writing of the offense and the period of probation during which it is expected that no further violations occur.
  • Suspension: The violator will be advised in writing of the offense and the period of suspension during which the violator is prohibited from participating in any BLL games, activities, or events.
  • Dismissal: The violator will be advised in writing of the offense and informed that he or she is being dismissed from the League for the remainder of the season or other designated period of time.
  • Barred: The violator will be advised in writing of the offense and informed that he or she has been barred from present and future participation in the League, permanently, or for a specified number of years.

The Benicia Little League Baseball President, Coaching Coordinator, Vice President of the Division in which the violation occurred shall review all issues concerning violations of the Managers/Coaches Code of conduct. Their decision shall be final, unless appealed by the violator to the full Benicia Little Board.

The full Board of Directors shall have discretion to determine whether or not to hear a violator’s appeal. If the Board determines not to hear the appeal, then the 3-person review panel’s decision shall be deemed the final decision of the Board. If the Board decides to hear the appeal, then the majority vote of the Board shall be the final decision of the Board.