Q: When are Tryouts - Do I need to attend?

A: All players who are of league age 9 through 14 must attend a tryout for their division. Players who are league age 9 through 12 will attend one of the two combined tryouts for the Minor A and Minors Divisions.

Tryouts are typically held in early January and followed by the Majors, and then Minor A Draft. Information about specific dates and times will be on the website once they are scheduled.

Q: What is the Draft - What happens - who participates?

A: The Majors Division draft is our first draft of the season. Majors Managers who have been vetted and selected by the board participate in the draft and select their players based on Little League draft rules and their evaluation of players during tryouts. Once teams have been selected the information process begins.

Q: How do I know what team I'm on?

A: Once the Majors Division draft has been completed, players are informed by the league via an email letting them know which team they have been drafted to. Managers will quickly follow the league email with phone, text, or email communication to inform the families about team meetings, practices, etc.

Q: When are Practices for Majors?

A: Practices begin immediately following the team meeting held by the team, and upon Little League required completion and submission of the medical release forms. Majors  practices are scheduled to begin in the first week of February. Weather may dictate the practices are held on black top or other facilities.

Practice times are chosen by the Manager for each team as part of the Draft processes.

Q: How many practices a week does Majors have?

A: Majors has three practices per week. Two on weekday nights, and one on Saturdays. As our Majors fields do not have lights, practices are slotted for 4:00pm and 5:00pm (one hour long) until the spring time change at which time the practice slots change to 4:00pm and 5:30pm (one and one half hour long). Once the season begins, teams will only conduct two weekday practices (4 days of baseball with 2 practices and 2 games).

Q: How many Majors games per week and when?

A: Majors teams generally play two games per week. One weekday game, and one Saturday game. The weekday games will be scheduled either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday depending upon how the league sets up the season. Weekday games start at 5:15 until the spring time change, and the move to a 5:30 start time.

Depending upon holiday's and plans for playoffs (after seasons end), some weeks may have three games in a week.

Note: Games rained out or postponed are rescheduled into future weeks. This may result in as many as 4 games in a week as we try to ensure the full number of games are played each season.

Q: What time are Saturday games?

A: Saturday games are held through out the day, typically beginning with at 9:00am game and ending in the early afternoon. Game times rotate throughout the season.

Q: My game got rained out - what comes next?

A: When it rains or fields are closed, rained out games are tagged as waiting for reschedule. The scheduler then will review open slots in the schedule and setup a new date, time, and location.

If you have the Sport Ngin app, and have subscribed to your team... You will receive notifications of changes to game schedules on your mobile device.

Q: How long is the Majors Season?

A: The Majors regular season runs from early March to the last week of May or 1st week of June. Playoffs are held immediately following the regular season and go thorough the 2nd week of June. The final games are held to coincide with the date for Closing Ceremonies.

Q: What is All-Stars and how are players selected.

A: All-Stars is the general term for our District Tournament teams. Players are selected through a Little League mandated process that includes player voting, Manager voting, and Board of Directors oversight.

Players must commit to the time frame of the District Tournament season which begins with practice in mid June, and continues until the team is eliminated at one of the Tournament levels.