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Forms and Information for Registration Waivers

All the issues raised recently with regard to players participating in the Little League World Series has resulted in Little League International tightening the requirements for residency and age validation.

If you are outside of the city limits of Benicia, you may not participate in Benicia Little League Spring Baseball activities unless you have one of the waiver forms filled out and approved by our governing district.

Please be sure to download the form you need from the list linked below, and have it filled out and ready for review during one of the Age and Validation sessions.

School Enrollment Form

School Enrollment Form

As of 2015 - If your player or players attend school within the Benicia Unified School District, your player may play baseball in Benicia Little League.

To do so you must download the School Enrollment form, have it signed by the school principal, and turn the form in during one of the Age & Residency Validation sessions.

Regulation II(d) Waiver

The Parents / Guardian of the Player must have lived in the Local League's boundary while the Player was registered and playing (at least 1/2 season) at the Local League.  If due to a residential move or league boundary change, the Parents / Guardian no longer live in the boundary of the Local League, the Player may be Approved to continue playing at their former park with a waiver.  Siblings of Players who are Approved to play under Regulation II(d) may also qualify to play at the Local League.
3 Valid Proofs of Residency from the last season in which the player resided within the Local League boundary are required for this waiver request.

Regulation IV(h) Waiver

This waiver is similar to a II(d) Waiver in that the Parents / Guardian must have previously lived in the Local League's boundary and be able to produce 3 Proofs of Residency of such.  The Parent / Guardian must have continued Volunteer Service to the Local League in the capacity of a Board Member or Coach in order to qualify for this waiver.

Regulation V(a) 12 Year Old Waiver

Players who are League Age 12 MUST play in the Little League Major Division.  In order for a League Age 12 Player to play down in the Minor Division, a Waiver MUST be approved by the Local League, the Parent / Guardian, and the District Administrator.