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Welcome to Spring 2018 Majors

Majors is unique as we keep separate standings for each of two divisions - American League, and National League.

You may use the navigation menu to view individual teams in Majors. However if you don't know all the teams, you may also click on a team in the Standings Table below.

You may also use the Standings tab for either division, and in both cases you may click on any team to view their individual team pages with detailed information about each team.

About Majors

The Majors Division is Draft level and is Little League's (and our) most competitive division of play. It is oriented for experienced player’s league age eleven (11) and twelve (12) years old however league age ten players are eligible to be drafted to a Majors division team. All players are required to tryout and teams are formed through a manager draft process supervised by the Division Coordinator, Player Agent and League President.

Players pitch and Little League substitution rules are applied for the nine (9) batters in the lineup. The standard nine baseball defensive positions are used and scores and standings are kept. This level focuses on more advanced skill development. Players are exposed to faster pitching speeds, harder hit balls and the overall pace of the game is much faster. Trained umpires enforce the Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball.

If you have additional questions - please read our Divisional FAQ