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The Sports Engine App

If you're going to be a regular user of our website and either have players participating and/or be a member of a coaching staff. You'll really want to download the SportsEngine App for your phone or other mobile device.

What It Does

The SportsEngine App is designed to be the primary communication tool for anything that is team related. That means Practice Schedules, Game Schedules, Game Results, etc.

The intent is to allow you customized mobile access without having to use the website - you only get the information you need for your team.

How To Get The App (Free)

It's pretty simple - you go to either the iTunes (Apple) or Google Play (Android) store and download the app. Links for those two are below:

Download for iPhone - Download for Android

Both are free!

How Do I Use The App?

It's pretty straight forward to use, but if you want details - check out the great help on the SportsEngine help website by clicking here

We hope you find this app as helpful as we have and that it makes keeping up with your teams easier than ever before!

Vote for Dibs App Enhancement

You have an opportunity to get something great for the league by voting for an enhancement to SportEngine's functionality. Please take a moment to read the information from our webmaster, and vote to move this request higher in the SportsEngine queue.

From our Webmaster:

I've put in an idea for an App to help manage Dibs (our volunteer management functions in SportsEngine), and to help move the idea to the top of the queue, I need as many BLL members to login and vote for the app.>

In summary - I've documented an app that we can all use to 'check-in' when working events or the canteen. The app would remove the need for the paper sign in sheet and ensure everyone's hours are posted faster and more accurately.

All I need you to do is:

- Go to our website - - and login

- Go to the community site - - and become a member. NOTE: Even though you may show as being Logged in, you must still tap on Become Member and fill out the membership page, to get to the next item.

- Go to the dibs site - - and search for "Dibs App - Management and Check In".

- Click on the "vote" button

If we can get enough votes, this request can move up in the queue and we can all benefit from the result.

I realized not everyone will have the time to do this, but if you can.. It will really help the league and it's members as we move forward with Sports Engine!

Thanks - Coach Carl, Webmaster