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Majors / Minors / Juniors Tryout Information

As part of our Spring Season, BLL will hold Tryouts for players who are League Age 9 - 14. These Tryouts are part of the process leading up to the draft for Minors, Majors, Intermediate 50/70, and Juniors.

All players who Tryout will be placed on a team through the Draft.

Players must participate in Tryouts to be eligible for selection to a team.

Managers and Coaches use the Tryout to evaluate players and use those evaluations to make selections in the draft.

Players who are of league ages 9 - 14  must participate in league tryouts. These are evaluation sessions for the players where coaches are viewing their baseball skills in order for them to make selections during the player draft.

Player Evaluations are scheduled for two weekends in early - mid January.

Weather may dictate tryouts are held indoors, or the tryouts may change dates depending upon field conditions and facility availability.

Players should show up ½ hr before the session to register and warm up. Tryout sessions usually last 2 hours, but may be shorter or longer based upon the number in attendance.

Player evaluations typically take place on fields at Community Park. All players must try out to be eligible for the next level of division play.

Rain - The league may choose to hold the Tryouts indoors, and will update the website with actual location information.

What to Wear?
Players should attend evaluations prepared to play baseball. Full baseball attire is expected including: Baseball hat, shirt/jersey, baseball pants, socks, cleats, and glove. Bats and helmets will be available, but players may wish to use their own for best results.

Indoors - if tryouts are indoors, payers should wear non-marking athletic shoes.

Is it cold in January?
Evaluations often take place in inclement weather – rain – cold. Players should dress appropriately to stay warm and dry. If it rains too hard that Evaluation session may be cancelled, or moved indoors.

What if it rains?
All players and parents should show up at their scheduled Evaluation time. Do not assume your Evaluation session has been cancelled. If it is rescheduled you will likely be given an alternate Evaluation time later in the day. You must come to the Evaluation to reschedule. You may not phone in to reschedule.

What happens at the Evaluations?
Every player has the opportunity to hit 5 pitches from the pitching machine. Each player also displays their defensive skills by fielding ground balls and catching fly balls. Players should bring any gear they wish to use with them. Parents may volunteer to help at the Evaluations by indicating their interest during the registration process, and signing up for volunteer positions using our website. Additional parent volunteers may also be solicited during the Evaluation session.

What are the Managers and Coaches doing?
The Managers and Coaches are watching your player at the Evaluations and scoring the players on both the performance and the fundamental skills demonstrated during the evaluation session. The managers and coaches are also watching a player's hustle, attitude, and general athletic ability during the Evaluations. Coaches and Managers will utilize the list of players and their evaluation scores when drafting players onto their teams.