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Website Navigation and Information

New Site Navigation

With our new site tools, the navigation has changed significantly so it may confusing at first for our long time users.

Navigation on the Left

The first thing you'll notice is that all navigation has moved to the left side of the page. This change is really to make the site work as similar as possible from the desktop web browser to the mobile device (phone and tablet).

In that way you only have the learn the navigation once, and you'll find that using the site on desktop or phone provides a similar navigation experience.

How Navigation Works (Top Level)

Each tab has a 'main menu' element on the left site. Clicking on the title navigates you to the base page for that section of the site.

If there are arrows [ > ] in the menu, then there are sub-sections associated with the main area. Clicking on an arrow [ > ] allows you to go directly to one of the sub sections.

How Navigation Works (Section Level)

When you are in a section - all sub-sections are listed on the left hand navigation menu.

To go back to the main menu click on the back arrow [ < ] and you'll return to the main menu with all of the sections displayed.

Site Search

We also have a full site Google Search that is available at the top of the menu at all times. This works just like Google on the internet, but is focused on continent within our site.

Site Organization

With the new site tools, we have more flexibility to arrange content based on the audience, the subject, or both. In the long run this will make finding content much easier for everyone.

We've given a brief explanation of what is contained in each section.


Links to our Board Contacts, and our BLL FAQ that covers divisions of play for our league.


Under the League section you'll find

  • Board Contacts
  • League Staff Positions & Bios
  • Divisions of Play
  • Field and other league locations
  • Main BLL Calendar


This is a completely new section and way of organizing information relating to our annual events. Each sub-section has specific information about the league wide event including the latest news, event dates, and associated documents.

  • Age & Residency Validation
  • Tryouts
  • Opening Day
  • Hit-A-Thon
  • Little League Days (River Cats, Giants, etc.)
  • Clinics (Coaching, BHS, Umpire, etc.)
  • Closing Ceremonies

Registration (Spring or Fall)

Not a big change - all of our information about Registration is contained in this section. There are separate tabs on the main page for each season's registration including fees, discounts, steps, and more.

Click on the tabs to view specific information about Registration and the supporting processes.

There are also two registration sub-pages:

  • Registration Waivers - all documents for out of residency waivers
  • League Age - league age charts for calculating player League Age.


A consolidated view of all of our BLL Documents. Use the multiple tabs to view the documents associated with each type of activity.


This completely new section with is organized by the roles people in our league perform. From parents to umpires, it's all in this section including news, events, and documents.

This is where you'll find Coaching Applications (Coaches), and Volunteer Applications (Volunteers).

The sub-sections are:

  • Parents - any news, events, or documents for our parents
  • Coaches - you'll find all the documents to support our coaches in this section organized by activity (e.g. Game Day) as well as news and events specific to coaches.
  • Scorekeepers - news, events, and documents to support Scorekeepers.
  • Umpires - news, events, and documents to support Umpires.
  • Volunteers - Information related to volunteering for BLL with sub sections for our Volunteer Policy and Volunteer Positions.
  • Team Parents - news, events, and documents to support Team Parents.
  • Field Prep - news, events, documents, tips, etc. for Field Prep volunteers.
  • Members - board elections, membership information, and more.

[Year] Spring or [Year] Fall Seasons

You'll find links to our teams, divisions, game schedules and more in this section.