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Volunteer Information and Documents

Little League, Senior League and Big League Baseball cannot survive without the help of dedicated volunteers. Regardless of your baseball experience, there is always a need for your time and talents. As parent volunteers, it is our responsibility to ensure that we provide the best possible program for our children. Please review the volunteer opportunities that the League offers and determine where you might be able to contribute.

Beginning with the 2012 Spring Season, Benicia Little League has required each family to volunteer 10 hours of their time during the season, or in events that support the league during the year. If you failed to meet this 10-hour commitment, during the previous Volunteer Season, or if you are new to the league, you will be required to pay a volunteer assessment fee this year.

Signing up for volunteer time is Super EASY. You can sign up for many of the volunteer programs during registration. You will also have the opportunity during the season to sign up for volunteer time (Dibs) to perform duties at one of the League’s canteens.

Scheduling, meeting and recording your volunteer commitment are your responsibility. If, like our children, we can pull together as a team, we can make a real difference and improve the overall success of our program.

Note: Our registration volunteer fee is a non-refundable payment that will only be required when the volunteer commitment for the previous season has not been completed (review Dibs). Ideally all of our families are able to pay this fee once during their years with Benicia Little League by fulfilling the volunteer commitment each year they participate. Please be aware that a new volunteer fee may be required if a player skips a year or more as volunteer credit is reviewed and applied once per year before a new board is elected and does not roll over

Policy Effective November 1, 2011 

See our Volunteer Policy for Details

Volunteer News

2018 Volunteer Application / Form

To complete the process, you will need to gather some information, and perform the required functions.

Information To Gather:

  • Social Security Number
  • Drivers License Number
  • Picture of your drivers license (must be loaded into the app)
  • Three (3) references with phone numbers

Form Process Steps

  • Use the link below to fill out the Volunteer Application (including loading your CDL picture)
  • Download and fill out check boxes, SSN, and Drivers License Information
  • Print and Sign the Application
  • Turn the application into BLL at one of our Walk-In sessions, other events, or mail to PO Box 296, Benicia, CA.

If you are not clear how to download one of our on-line forms. We have a step-by-step you may view by clicking here.

Note: Each volunteer MUST HAVE THEIR OWN BLL ACCOUNT. You may not use your own account to fill out the volunteer form for another person.

Address for mailing volunteer form: PO Box 296, Benicia, CA.

Please click on the link below to begin the application

Volunteer Background Check Process

Benicia Little League will require all league volunteer who has repetitive access to players to complete a Volunteer application.

The background checks must be done through First Advantage & NOJ. These checks will cover all fifty states when done using these sites. Additionally, state, county & local web sites are highly recommend well.

This application can be used for a background check on all members of Benicia Little League Volunteer Force; which consists of board members, managers, coaches, umpires, field maintenance workers and any individuals deemed by the League.

This process will be maintained by a 3 member committee to address the following issues:

  • Child Abuse

    Volunteer will not be permitted to be involved in Little League Program (NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • Domestic Violence

    Volunteer will not have any incidents involving children or spouse for a period of 4 years

  • Alcohol Related Incidents

    Volunteer will not have any offenses regarding alcohol related incidents; to include Fighting, Under the Influence, or Drunk Driving Convictions for a period of 4 years

  • Embezzlement or Misuse of Funds

    Volunteer will not have any offenses regarding misuse of funds/embezzlement for a period of 5 years

Any information regarding any applicant will be ONLY discussed within the committee members. Applicants will receive notification in writing of disapproval and this decision is FINAL. There will be no additional information and/or discussions regarding this decision between any League Officials.

This will be the policy of Benicia Little League for 2015-2016 season. Beginning in September 2015 (new season), the Board shall review Little League Headquarters policy for any modifications or necessary changes and address them accordingly.

Note: Our background verification service - First Advantage - automatically sends a letter to any person who has a match in their system. However, there are many people who share names with others, and as a result we - Benicia Little League - review the check alerts against the photo ID provided as well to ensure false positives don't prevent our volunteers from passing their background check. Please do not be alarmed if you receive a letter from First Advantage, it's merely an automatic response when names match.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Safety Officer

Safety Officer